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Posted by on Jan 7, 2009 in blog | 0 comments

Smilin’ Jack’s Fresh Foods – Fayetteville, Arkansas

With not only locally grown organic food but local live music, Smilin’ Jack’s is an experience beyond eating.  Its hippie atmosphere is relaxed, but also an acceptable place to bring the family for wholesome food.  The staff is super flexible and will make your meal however you want it – even with extra avocado.  This place is definitly vegetarian / vegan friendly, but also includes meat options.  Outdoor seating is fantastic on warm days.  Sandwhiches are made fast and fresh, served with pinneaple wedges & pickled okra.  The salads have a personality all their own, and the soups are perfect for homemade comfort in winter.  Even the water is freshened up with fruit slices!  I love eating here and do so often.  My favorite is the Knuckle Sandwhich with roasted garlic tomato soup.  Come check it out and be ready to smile!

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