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Posted by on Dec 13, 2008 in blog | 0 comments

Senior Trip in the Bahamas

145 catholic high school students from Lafayette, La at an all inclusive resort in the Bahamas = Drama.

Senior Trip, If only anyone could remember it.

Senior Trip is a phenomenal tradition. I am so glad that someone decided to put together a trip for the high school graduates to go and let loose before their four years of college.

St. Thomas More Catholic High school in Lafayette participated in the tradition as well. However, ours wasn’t hosted by the school. Ours was put on by the parents of the kids and you can go if you want or you can do your own thing. The main trip being planned was the one going to the beautiful Bahamas for five days. Out of the 243 graduates, 145 of us atlantis by jmd41280attended. Normally it will be 50 people will go to Cancun and 50 will go to the Bahamas, etc. This was a large group that was doomed from the start.

My friends have always been a rowdy group of people. They think that the rules don’t apply to them and they usually do get away with anything. I honestly don’t know what our parents were thinking sending us to another country with only 10 chaperones, who had the same intentions as us, drinking ourselves into oblivion.

All Inclusive

We arrive at the RIU all inclusive resort located adjacent to the Atlantis hotel. We were given wristbands insuring our access to the all inclusive grounds and they also granted us entrance to the Atlantis. Needless to say, we thought they were a gift from God.

The week started out crazily. After we settled down in our 3 person rooms, we headed down to the lobby bar to start taking shots. There were three bars at the RIU: the Calypso Lounge, where we pregamed and karaoked every night, the pool bar, which was our sanctuary come noon, and the lobby bar which opened at ten in the morning to serve us our white Russians to start us off. After getting our morning chocolate milk as we called it, we would go outside to start on daiquiris.  There were probably 25 different daiquiris/ mixed drinks on the pool bar menu. That was what got us through the first day.

I have realized now that the bohemians were too much of a laid back people to put up with our group of rowdy louisianians, because after the first day they stopped serving shots at the lobby bar, didn’t open the pool bar until 2 p.m, and calypso lounge wouldn’t let us buy more than one drink at a time by the second day.

“They Were Livid”

Our chaperones, especially Mrs. Margaret, were livid. She through the biggest hissy fit anyone has ever seen. She threatened to suit the hotel because we paid for our drinks and it was unnecessary for them to discriminate against us. In hindsight, I am almost positive they lost money because the trip was around $1,500 and we would go up to all the bars ordering 30 shots a piece for whoever was around.  The boys, as clever as they thought they were, would buy the girls “bj shots”.

It truly was a delicious shot with chocolate and baileys topped with whip cream. The catch however was that you couldn’t use your hands to take the shot. The idea is that you use your mouth and it gets messy. The boys found it hilarious. Our next shot of choice was the B-52 on fire shots. They lit the shot on fire and for some unknown reason to me now, we took them. After this array of shots, needless to say, we were out of control on so many levels. Chicken fighting in the pool resulted in topless girls and mothers freaking out trying to cover their small children’s eyes. Excessive drinking resulted in Davey Bowen, who had made a pact with his parents not to drink until he was 21 in return for $21,000, to drink for the first time, strip naked and run down every corridor of the hotel before being caught.

Our nights would then continue to the Calypso Lounge. The most memorable moment for all is when one girl, who was sometimes shy, Laura C., to sing an interesting rendition of Macy Gray’s “I Try”. It was insane.  It was so awful it was amazing, and the dance moves that accompied the song, WOW.

On to the Atlantis

The night would then travel to the Casino at the Atlantis. This is where we met the extremely attractive 20-something year old Iowa college football players. Me and four of my friends—Becca, Erin, Murphi, and Sarah, became their lady lucks. Yay for us. After that we decided to go sliding down the Atlantis slides. Yes, they were closed, but only by a small gate which we would squeeze through fast enough. I still don’t know how we managed to do that without getting caught, because we would end up there every night at 4 a.m.

Anyway, if we weren’t breaking into slides we were at the various bars around Nassau. Club Waterloo, let’s just say it was very local, had a pool in the backyard hence the name. If you have ever seen the movie “Into the Blue”, the bar that Paul Walker fights at is Club waterloo. They made one boy, Spencer Hines, who would pay anything to do something, buy a $400 bottle of liquor to let everyone upstairs at their club. He did it without thinking twice. It was that night that my roommate Natalie and I decided to take shots from random boys there.

by restlessglobetrotter

Where we are from, we just take shots, say thank you, and walk away. These boys expected more and they were not getting it. They started pushing us around and it was very unnecessary. We started running from them, they were huge by the way, when our friends Thompy and Drew saw that we were in trouble. Mind you, they are the skinniest boys we know, but they stood up for us right then. They started yelling, “What the F***, are you really gonna push a girl where the hell are you from?” What southern gentlemen. The huge boys of course were like, “Oh what are you gonna do, you small….” The word are unnecessary, improvise. Anyway, Thompy and Drew started puffing up their chests, ripping their shirts off and preparing t
o defend us. All they had to say is, “It’s 20 of us and 2 of you, do you really want to do this?” At that precise moment about 10 of our football player huge friends walked up. In three seconds those assholes were gone.  I love my friends.

Each night would end up on one of our random balconies drinking until the sun came up. And the next day would be the same. We would either ride on the banana boat, I am still surprised I am alive, or see who could take the most shots consecutively, or have a fashion show on the side of the pool.

The last day however, was the booze cruise; the best thing ever.

It was $50 for drinks all day and we went snorkeling off a little island. Not to mention the most amazing DJ. It was truly Sodom and Gomorrah on the boat that day. I have never experienced nastier grinding ever in my life than that day.

Our trip was a success for us, but unfortunately for all the classes after, a woman there, who was on her own vacation with her family, had an awful time. She wrote a letter to her newspaper in Massachusetts that ended up on the internet and in the hands of the RIU, talking about a bunch of Catholic high school seniors from Lafayette, La. who ruined her vacation. She called us sluts and drunks and idiots and many other things. Obviously, once the hotel got a hold of it, they banned STM from sending students to their resort ever again.

What can I say, we know how to have a good time!

By Sarah Sadler

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