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Posted by on Dec 13, 2008 in blog | 0 comments

Reliable Rentals – The best way to spend a week in South Beach

With all the snow and ice covering New York, the main thing on my mind is Spring Break.  As much as I enjoy Christmas and the holidays, winter weather is something I’ve never become a fan of.  Of course, there’s going to be a lot of holiday and New Year madness but I know a lot of people who are already planning their Spring Break getaways.  From Mexico to Key West, the possible destinations are endless and as long as there’s sun and sand, the parties start themselves!

One of the busiest Spring Break locations, Miami is known for their parties, beaches, and of course, clubs.  Once the sun sets and the beaches are empty, Miami’s infamous South Beach is packed with tanned ladies and fellows looking for a good time.  South Beach is home to some of Florida’s best night life with restaurants, bars, night clubs and lounges known all over.  With an all-over vibrant atmosphere, it’s hard to not have a good time!

South Beach Strip

Like other vacations, the first thing people have to decide on after where to go is where to stay.  With a plethora of different hotels, it isn’t too hard to find a place, as long as you reserve early!  Everywhere from the big names; like the Ritz-Carlton, to the smaller but still gorgeous boutique hotels, the rooms go quick – especially during Spring Break.  If renting a hotel, big groups have to remember that certain establishments are very strict with the number of people actually staying in the room.  Not to mention, the noise and voice levels have to stay pretty low to keep from the management knocking on the door.  Besides hotels, knowing someone who lives in the area who is willing to let you stay with them is always good and less expensive.  Of course, it’s hard if you’re in a big group and don’t want your poor friends pad taken over and trashed.

Introducing Reliable Rentals, your new best friend when it comes to renting spacious, gorgeous South Beach pads for a fraction of what it costs to stay a hotel.  Reliable Rentals offers various addresses in the South Beach area, most of which are a walk away from the beach or the latest night clubs.  From everything to studios that come with complete kitchens to 3 bedroom condos that include a rooftop deck for use, couples to big groups can find the perfect accommodations. 

Sure, there’s no room service and no one’s going to wash the towels but you’re right on South Beach in a pad that’s practically yours.  From a small get-together to a full-scale shindig, you can do what you want – without having to worry about the people next door or hotel management.   Of course, parties can’t get too rowdy since you don’t want to pay for any damages!  And like most rentals, you’re expected to leave the rental in the state it was in upon arrival.  That’s not too much to ask since the most you’ll be doing is taking out the trash, cleaning a few dishes up, and just making sure there’s no like major messes for the house-keeping to clean up.  I doubt any of the housekeeping staff wants to mop up splatters and chunks of  your lunch from the night before. 

When any company offers great space at a great price, the offers usually go fast!  If you’re planning on renting for the coming Spring Break, I’d start getting together some buddies who are willing to chip in and start planning soon, as early as January even.  With your own pad, you’re free to enjoy the beach, the night life, and everything South Beach has to offer in place that feels just like home.

To check Reliable Rentals and their available locations, head to – Website

By Daryl Nuncio

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