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Posted by on Jan 27, 2009 in blog | 0 comments


Petit-Pois is a French bistro located on the Downtown Mall next to ZO.CA.LO and is a terrific place to enjoy outdoor dining. The informal nature of the bistro is contrasted by its tasty food and drink offerings. Simple dishes adorn what is usually a one-sided menu with selections like:

  • onion soup
  • mussels in a white-wine broth
  • pate du campagne
  • pomme frites (French fries…and yes the French do actually make the best fries, with Five Guys following a VERY close second!)
  • hanger steak
  • roast chicken
  • etc…

None of these recipes/dishes will earn a bistro a Michelin star, but they are a terrific way to begin a social evening with friends or even your lover(s). Petit-Pois manages to capture this casual atmosphere very well. Do not let the nuclear-size pea pod on the front door intimidate you!

Courtesy of cVillain

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