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Posted by on Jan 14, 2009 in blog | 0 comments


Student Overview

Myrtle Beach, SC is a great place for any Road Trip. The area is a long stretch of beach that is a favorite of many North and South Carolinians. It is a place where year round fun can be had. However, the summer is when the beaches are crowded with a wide range of people and the clubs are hopping.

It should be noted that the title “Myrtle Beach” is actually used to describe an area that is made up of many smaller beaches located around Myrtle Beach itself. This is broken up into three main areas.

Murrels Inlet and Garden City are two beaches located south of Myrtle. These beaches are generally considered ‘quieter’ than their glitzier neighbor to the north, and are a great place to relax during the day. This is typically conisdered a ‘classier’ local than Myrtle and you are more likely to find a house for rent during the summer than a large hotel. Also, the food here is fantastic an is a favorite of area locals.

Myrtle Beach is what you think of as a party beach that has a mixture of families, high school kids, and locals. Ideally, I would suggest that you stay either north or south of Myrtle, and venture here when you want to cruise the strip (which will take you 4 hours and is really not worth doing) or if you want to go to one of the 50 Wings type stores available. There ar a plethora of hotels that are located on the beach and a variety of bars/clubs that range from either 18 or 21 and up. From end to end, Myrtle will take you 30+ minutes to drive as there are only two options on roads to take, either Highway 17 or Highway 17 By-pass.

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