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Posted by on Dec 23, 2008 in blog | 0 comments

New Orleans Overview


We’ve all been down to New Orleans at one time or another: for a fraternity or sorority formal, for Mardi Gras, or for a bawdy weekend at a cheap New Orleans hotel with friends. Perhaps that was you who vomited that Hand Grenade or HuBourbon Streetrricane in the gutter, or wandered around with a gaggle of attention-seeking girls with boas and beads. While New Orleans is the wildest party destination in the Southeast and perhaps the country, it is also a home for some of the most fascinating people and places in the world.
New Orleans, known to some as “The Big Easy”, is the largest city in Louisiana and beams with the richness of the Cajun culture. It is a truly unique city, located on the Mississippi River, with French and African Creole foods, music, casinos, and endless nightlife. 
New Orleans

New Orleans definitely knows how to throw a party. Any Mardi Gras witness can attest to this fact. The deep historical roots make it is almost like experiencing a foreign culture, which is one reason so many people visit each year. New Orleans is haunted by historic graveyards, cathedrals, and voodoo sites. 
Even after the damage of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, tourism has begun to thrive again, with the reopening of the Louis Armstrong International Airport, and the functioning of taxis and the famous streetcars. It is a perfect time to travel to New Orleans for the affordable accommodations due to lighter crowds, or to participate in a Katrina relief program. Although only half of the city’s population has returned, the hot and humid weather still matches the hot and spicy cuisine, culture, and flavor of the city

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