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Posted by on Dec 25, 2008 in blog | 0 comments

Nashville Roller Derby

If you are going to be in Nashville on the third Thursday of any month, you need to put the roller girls on your calendar.  You will not believe your eyes when you see a girl in tight spandex shorts go flying into the crowd after being clothes-lined by one of the other teams enforcers.  The Music City Roller Girls attract an eclectic crowd, but the evenings are always rowdy.  The beers are flowing, and so are the black eyes and bruised butts.

roller derby by foxtongue

These girls slate around a tight concrete track at full speed trying to take each others heads off.  It is the perfect combination of an NFL football game and a mad max movie. It’s brutal and dangerous, but you can’t stop screaming for more.  And the best part is, you (the crowd), serves as the guard rails.  It is very common to have a couple girls, skates in the air, come flying into the crowd on dead man’s turn.  I would highly recommend this high impact evening for anyone.

Check out their Official Site

Andrew S.

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