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High Tides and Sunny Delight’s

Two beach houses in Gulf Shores, Alabama less than a mile away from each other. Within the houses combined there were around 40 people, boys and girls alike. The trip began on the way up and ended on the way down. It never ceases to amaze me on how insane our friends can be.

The drive down to Gulf Shores takes about 3 ½ hours from Baton Rouge, which gave us that amount of time to drink as much as we could before we got to our house.  The moment we arrived, my friends Natalie, Sarah and I ran into the water wearing all of our clothes because we thought it would be a good idea. Within an hour, the main bathroom had been turned into a “sauna room” the bath tub being considered the Jacuzzi and the shower the steam room. We had claimed beds and blown up the air mattresses. In our house, High Tide, there were 18 of us: Jeanne, Tina, Dewey, Katherine, Natalie, Sarah, Joe, Jeffery, Thad (the moocher), Michael, Rourke, Shannon, Mollie (the whore), Rebecca, Danielle, Amy, Christine and myself. By the way high tide was meant to hold 12 people, but we weren’t too worried about it.

Sunny Delight

Down the beach, well four houses down, was this huge house Sunny Delight, meant to hold 20, which held 30 fraternity boys. It was insane. Each morning we would set up shop on the beach, we would either go to their house or they would come to ours and the chanting began. Literally, chanting was the theme of spring break. The guys thought that if they chanted it would make everything more intense. We bought head bands, American flags, funnels, water guns, cut off t-shirts, and anything else ridiculous we could find at Alvin’s Island.  Then the heavy drinking began. The chants “Funnel baggz, Funnel baggz, Funnel baggz!”, until I succumbed to their wishes and funneled a beer the chanting wouldn’t stop.

My nickname has been Baggz since I was sophomore in high school. It started with a friend of mine’s brother calling beach by fleur-designme Saddlebags, morphed from my last name Sadler and turned into just baggz. Or B A double g Z till I d.i.e, that came in time as well. Hence the chanting would continue after funneling. “Nipple, nipple, nipple, let me see your nipple.” That, however, I never gave in to.

The boys also thought it would be great to build a beer totem pole.  They found an iron rod and tad, who is the tallest awkward drunken idiot, who is also nicknamed Zil, for Godzilla, started stomping around and picking up the empty beer cans off the beach and slammed them onto the iron rod. It ended with tad bleeding from every inch of his hands, and 88 beer cans on this magnificent beer totem pole. Imagine the chanting, “one more can, one more can Zil, one more can!”.  At around 430 in the afternoon, everyone returned to their respective houses for a shower nap combo before the night’s revelry began. Well the girls in High tides thought it would be better to have a dance party in the living room.

Table Surfing

Tina found a pink tube float, put it on her waist and decided to go table surfing, on a glass table. She jumped from the table back to the couch, and then would step on the glass table and “surf” again. Well around the 4th time of her surfing maneuver, she was shaking and surfing when I decided to whip out my video camera, fondly named Penelope, and start filming. Natalie runs across yelling, “I’m not a part of this!” Two seconds later, Tina crashes through the glass table and everyone fell into breathtaking laughter leaving the room silent and Tina standing in awe with her hands covering her mouth in the middle of the frame of the table glass everywhere, finally someone started saying, “Tina, Tina are you ok?” Tina, by the way, is the petite prissy polite girl, who feels uncomfortable when the attention is focused on her. She runs to the glass sliding door of the balcony trying to pry it open unsuccessfully, then tries to run out of the front door, which was an awful move because she ran over the glass again, freaked out and jumped onto the couch. Katherine then asked her if her feet were bleeding, Tina’s response being, “No I’m drunk!” Then looked at her feet and saw the blood coming, of course, another bout of laughter and freak out followed. Finally we bandaged her up, tried to clean the glass up, and realized that our deposit was lost, bad move so early on in the week.

Immediately after she fell through, Drew, one of the boys from Sunny Delight came over and he and I were sitting on the balcony and I was showing him the footage on Penelope. I put Penelope on the chair behind me, bend over in violent laughter and my camera flies off the balcony. In reaction I shove my head house by dilipkumarthrough the bars trying to catch it or see where it was. Of course, my head got stuck. Drew, after having seen Tina fall through the table and watch me get stuck, was laughing so hard he couldn’t breathe or talk, leaving me to fend for myself as I tried desperately to yank my head out from between the bars. Five minutes later I got out with a huge lump on my head. It was time for rest.

To The Boys House…

We wake up and go to the boys house for a party. Two hours into it the owners of the house came and kicked everyone out. We simply hid upstairs and waited for them to leave. The night ended in Tad passed out wrapped in a twister mat, a moose head laying next to him, his face covered with peanut butter, and a ribbon wand wrapped delicately around his body jello girl by amyrod1as he lay on the stairs. Oh what, a night.

The next day was the best beach party to date. I decided to make 300 everclear jello shots and Baggz’s potion of death, which consisted of every alcohol in the house, from tequila to whiskey add beer and green Hawaiian punch and voila, a potion that tasted like heaven but ended in people passed out at 2 p.m.

12 of our friends hadn’t made it to our marvelous bash however. They were going to the boys’ house to hang out and stupidly all got in one truck. The law in Alabama for MIP’s is spending 12 hours in jail.  Pretty much all of the LSU community takes their spring break in Gulf Shores. It was two people per cell and at one point the jail was filled with LSU students screaming from one side of the hall to the other , “Geaux!” “Tigers!” back and forth until the cops threatened a longer stay.  When they finally got out of jail the boys ran out screaming freedom, kissing the ground, saying that they wanted to go to hooters because they hadn’t seen woman in forever. Yeah, they are idiots.

Once they were released they through a jail break party. It was the wildest party to date. There were around 300 random people there, jumping off of balconies, sliding down the stairs on mattresses, and the bathroom had turned into a slip n’ slide using dawn and pepto bismol. I still don’t understand why that party never was broken up.

Amazingly everyone made it home safely for Easter holiday. Bruster, one of the boys, did have a pretty nasty sunburn in a vulgar shape on his back.  It’s his fault he passed out face down in the middle of the day. A few left with MIP’s, we were a deposit short, and somehow, for some reason, I still have a banana costume that was left at our house. Ah, memories.

By Sarah Sadler

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