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Posted by on Dec 12, 2008 in blog | 0 comments

Go for a Hike in the Middle of Nashville

Talk about a gorgeous way to spend an afternoon while taking advantage of one of the most underutilized areas in Nashville. Located just off Granny White Drive, about 15 minutes away from west end, is Radnor Lake. This gorgeous little park has several hiking trails that circle the lake and explore the hills that encompass it.

Hit The Trail

Park in the parking lot and hit the trail. From there you will walk about a mile on the main trial that meanders along the side of the lake. As you look out towards the water and enjoy the view take a minute to listen for the wildlife. One of the things that sets Radnor Lake apart from other areas inRadnor Lake Nashville are the many animals that live in the woods. It is hard to spend an afternoon at Radnor Lake and not see a deer. If you are feeling up for a more strenuous hike take the trail that branches off to the left and heads up to the ridge. If the trees have fallen you can see down town Nashville from the top. This will provide a great workout as the trail winds up, across, and then eventually back down the ridge. Either trail will eventually dead end into the road that will lead you back to the parking lot where you began your little journey.

Get A Workout

Radnor Lake is a great place to spend part of your day and is like taking a mini-vacation right in the heart of Nashville. One warning, running is prohibited on the trails of Radnor Lake and is punishable with a $150+ fine. So, plan enough time that you can enjoy the trails even at a walking pace.

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