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Posted by on Jan 15, 2009 in blog | 0 comments

Gambling, Gambling, Gambling

There is only one area to hit in my opinion as far as the gambling.  There are three casinos that basically share the same parking lot, so if you head to that lot, you have access to the amenities of all three.  The Horseshoe Casino, Harrah’s, and The Gold Strike Casino are all located together.  These casinos do share a parking lot and are side by side so it is very easy to walk right out of one into another. All three casinos have great hotel rooms and the Gold Strike hotel is the tallest building in Mississippi with 32 stories. The Horseshoe and GS are the closest to Vegas action and usually draw a younger crowd where the Sheraton has lower minimums and a more laid back atmosphere that appeals to an older crowd, but they have amazing rooms (every room is a suite and has a hot tube plus a full bathroom that is completely glass).  If you are just learning to play, particularly a game like craps, then you should give the Sheraton a look, as they have a very friendly staff.

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