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Let me preface this section by saying – Downtown Las Vegas is NOT for everyone. If your ideal Vegas vacation includes sipping on a twenty-dollar Cosmo with Paris Hilton in a hot new nightclub, you are going to be miserable staying downtown. Also, if it’s your first time to Vegas, you want to be in the middle of the action and you have some money to spend, don’t worry about staying downtown. If you’re a broke college student – you shouldn’t be going on vacation, but hey, that’s never stopped you in the past. Downtown Las Vegas is affordable, fun and without all those high class pretensions you’ll so often find on the Strip. Room rates in this zone range from “essentially free” to moderate and gambling minimums usually start around $5, depending on the property. Hotel casinos in this zone include:

Ultimately it depends on what kind of action you’re looking for. If you’re going to Las Vegas to shop for Prada bags or buy a new Armani suit, you’ll want your home base to be on the Strip. If you’re going to Las Vegas for cheap rooms, cheap gambling, strong drinks, a great steak dinner and a good time with your boys, you should consider setting up shop Downtown.* Don’t forget that just because you’re staying Downtown doesn’t mean you can’t pack your crew in a cab and journey out to the Strip. Depending on your destination hotel, the fare should be about $15 each way on average.

Golden Nugget – If you do any online research you’ll find that Golden Nugget is universally referred to as “the class of downtown”. While this doesn’t say much about the quality of the property, the Nugget is certainly the best hotel with the best amenities in the Fremont Street area. Rooms are large with quality furnishings and the casino is very clean. With the good comes the bad however, as you’ll pay a higher rate at this hotel than any other property in the area. You should expect rates of around $150 a night on Friday and Saturday with rates dropping substantially during the week. Main Street Station




Four Queens



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