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Posted by on Dec 25, 2008 in blog | 0 comments

Bristol Nascar Race

The Bristol night race is the race of all races. The bad part is, it can also be the hardest ticket on the Nascar circuit to get.  Why is it so awesome?  Well, the track is small, you have all day to drink and prepare for the race, and there are usually tons of wrecks.  Like I said, it is the tightest track on the circuit, so the cars are always bunched up while travelling 100 mph around the track.  For the enthusiast, it does not get any better than this, as it seems that everyone loves to see a good wreck. Since this is the case, Bristol provides a track where the cars never stop turning and/ or wrecking.  Another added bonus is that you can take in as much beer as you can fit into a cooler.

Aside from the race, the Bristol night scene is also awesome.  All the race-goers come off the track half lit, and go straight back to their camp sights to make a stiff liquor drink and start yelling back and forth at each other.  All of the campers are, for the most part, placed in the same lot and the red necks love to roll out their four wheelers or jacked up gold carts and slowly cruise around, sporting their favorite driver’s tank top, all the while trying not to spill their Bush Beer on their new cowboy boots.  Bristol truly is a sight to see and is well worth the road trip if you can get tickets.  What can I say Cole Trickle. Rubbing is racing!

NASCAR Nationwide Series: Sharpie Mini 300    Mar 21, 2009

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series: Food City 500    Mar 22, 2009

NASCAR Nationwide Series: Food City 250    Aug 21, 2009

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series: Sharpie 500    Aug 22, 2009

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By Andrew S.

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