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Posted by on Dec 22, 2008 in blog | 0 comments

Bar Scene Overview

If you are an Alabama fan, who loves having an adult beverage (or five) after watching the Crimson Tide destroy an SEC West opponent at Bryant Denny Stadium (hereinafter “BDS”), or just a fan of good times, then the Tuscaloosa bar scene is the place for you.  With two distinct night-life areas, both the Strip and Downtown Tuscaloosa provide a plethora of venues for you to get your party on.  Some of these venues are low-key, while others will leave you with a need for Goody’s headache powder and a tall glass of water the next day.

The following will attempt to highlight some of the primary hot spots the visitor must see when passing through what most locals and college students refer to as “T-town”.  Please note that the following may include a slight, if not immense, emphasis on the more OOC (that’s “out-of-control” for those of you who are too old to be partyin’ in T-town) night-life venues in and around the University of Alabama (hereinafter “Bama”) area – however, in a effort to promote the accuracy of this piece, I write about what my experience was for the seven years I spent at Bama. (1)   And I know what you are thinking – seven years of college equals too much time spent hanging out in those OOC venues.  You might be right.(2)

(1) For anyone who cares, I attended the University of Alabama from 2001-2008.  What I did during those seven years, and the degree(s) I earned during my tenure at said University is irrelevant.

(2) Please note that the contents of this piece represent one person’s mere opinion as to the party scene around the University of Alabama campus. This piece is in no way meant to represent any more, or anything less.

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