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Posted by on Jan 6, 2009 in blog | 0 comments

Auburn Rodeo

As Spring sets in and the temperatures begin to rise, students all around the South have the itch to get outside, take a fresh breath of southern air, and leave their educational responsibilities behind. Ask any student at Auburn University and they will tell you there is no better way to kick off springtime than the annual Round-Up Rodeo hosted by the Alpha Psi fraternity. Every Greek organization on Auburn’s campus hosts an annual philanthropic event to benefit a charity of their choice. When it comes to having fun while lending a helping hand, Alpha Psi’s Rodeo stands “horns” above the rest. Alpha Psi takes over 8000 students, rodeo livestock, some brave participants and country music and puts them under a covered arena to create a uniquely Auburn experience.

Center stage is the arena where inexperienced, adrenaline-charged and often well lubricated students give their best shot at hanging on for 8 seconds to their very own “Bodacious”. Surrounding the riding arena are a hundred of flatbed trailers and pickup trucks draped with thousands of rather unconcerned onlookers. Their focus seems to be more on the drink in their hand and the hundreds of beautiful girls dressed up like they just left an audition for Daisy Duke. The activities begin in the early morning and are capped off at the end of the night with an all out hoedown that has featured acts such as Confederate Railroad and Pat Green.

Tickets to the rodeo are $20 bucks at the gate or you can get them the week leading up to the event for $15.  It has been held for over 40 years in early April.  The best part of the rodeo is that it is BYOB. Bring as many drinks as you want to the event as long as they are in a can. The rodeo is hosted just a few minutes outside the Auburn Campus behind the Good Ol’ Boys Restaurant. From campus take South College St. (AL Hwy 29) 5 miles South before turning left onto Sandhill Rd. (Lee County Road 10). Follow Sandhill Rd. for just under 2 miles until you see Good Ol’ Boys restaurant on the left.

Checkout this Rodeo Photo

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