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Posted by on Dec 13, 2008 in blog | 0 comments

Affordable Scuba Training in Florida

There is something magical about the idea of scuba diving.  Entering another world, completely submerScuba Diving in the Cancunged, only to get up close and personal with some wriggly little fishies… and maybe some turtles and crabs too.   Scuba diving can be an excellent addition to any vacation, but only if you and your crew are properly trained!  Florida is a great place for a quick inexpensive trip and luckily an ideal place to don some fins and learn how to dive!  

Florida Dive Training Program

It based in Palm Beach, Fla. provides affordable dive training in a safe and fun setting.  The Discover Scuba Diving class costs $195 including equipment rental. The experienced diving staff will not only train you in open water, but also offers the option to have your diving trip recorded!  For an added fee you will be accompanied on your dive by a videographer and will receive a 30-minute video and a 2-3 minute YouTube clip.  Florida Dive Training also offers advice on dining, car rentals and lodging. For more information visit link.     

Genesis Scuba Diving Institute

Located near Tampa, Fla. offers great diving training and some other cool courses to boot! The school provides exciting training and certification programs at competitive prices, $250 for the daylong Open Water Diver class.  This course begins in a dive pool and with academics then continues out on the open water where you will complete your certification. If you’ve got deep pockets and some training under your belt, there are some really neat creative courses offered at the Genesis Scuba Diving Institute, including underwater photography and videography.  If you’re not certain about diving at all, take the Scuba Experience class for FREE!  Just remember to tip your instructor. For more information visit link 

For the More Ambitious College Traveler

Dayo Scuba Training Center near Orlando, Fla. is just what the doctor ordered!  With the 3 day Open Water Diver course you will receive your SDI certification. At $299 this course is a great value! All equipment rentals, 3 days of diving instruction including pool dives and 3-4 open water dives, online or CD Rom academic review and test, and dive photos are included.  You will have to provide your own transportation to and from dives and will also be asked to pay fees at certain dive sites, but these fees are not substantial.  Discounted rates are offered for multiple divers and groups.  For more information visit Link

Scuba Training by p_x_g

Affordable scuba training is key for college kids who may not have the biggest budget, but remember that safety is the number one priority when it comes to taking a dive! Sometimes spending a little extra will eliminate safety risks of spending bare minimum.  That is not to say that signing up for an affordable course while walking down the beach is absolutely unsafe, but be sure to do the following:  

  1. Check your instructor’s PADI or SDI certification and be sure that it is up to date
  2. Ask about the ratio of students to teachers on dives (you ideally are looking for 2 or 3:1)
  3. Be sure that your instructors are CPR certified
  4. Ask instructors how many years they have been teaching and how many divers they have certified. Look for at least 3 years of experience and 100 divers certified.
  5. Check the state of the equipment.  If it looks REALLY beat up (expect some ware and tare but use your discretion) do not proceed.
  6. Be sure that you are comfortable, don’t allow an instructor to talk you into going deeper or out further than you feel you are ready for
  7. Have fun!!


If you’re looking to take a trip alone or with a group of friends, participating in a diving course will add a little something extra to your already exciting trip.  Forget the fancy hotel and 4 star restaurants and invest in a class that will give you skills that you can build on.  Replace stories of drunken nights with adventurous tales of shipwrecks and stingrays! Whether your budget is big or small, there’s always a way to strap on a mask and make a splash.

By Alexandra Gury

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