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Posted by on Dec 12, 2008 in blog | 0 comments

A Week of Concerts – Row Week – Arkansas

Row Week at the University of Arkansas – Fayetteville

Each spring, a phenomenal music opportunity draws thousands to the University of Arkansas – Fayetteville campus.  Students gather just before finals to celebrate and enjoy a variety of music from country to urban to hip-hop and more.

All fraternities and sororities are involved in the parties during Row Week.  To ensure security and prevent fire hazards, the fraternities put up huge fences which are then decorated by sorority members.  The decorations typically involve signs or props that support the party’s theme.  Each party has its own unique theme, for example, last year’s themes included “The Jungle” and “Islander” among many others.

Row Week by UA greek website

According to Matthew Slaughter of Phi Gamma Delta (or Fiji, as it is fondly known) the highlight of the week is “Getting to meet the bands in person.”  Thirty tons of sand was used to create a realistic beach around the stage area, making an unforgettable and up-close concert atmosphere.  Row Week is a time when the spirit of the event overcomes boundaries between groups.  “The Greek community comes together – there’s no rivalry – everybody just gets together to have a good time for a week,” said Slaughter. 


1,500 people showed up to Fiji’s Islander party last year, demonstrating the strength of community while students can have a blast.  Don’t miss out on Row Week Spring 2010!  The dates have not yet been decided, but are usually scheduled after spring break and before finals.
Girls get in for free; guys from each fraternity are given 5-10 wristbands which they can then give to their buddies.

There is no information on the date for 2012….help us out in the comments below!

By Amanda Bancroft

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