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About MyCollegeRoadTrip


MyCollegeRoadTrip was founded in 2008 to be the website with the best travel information for college students.

From my own trips, I noticed the gap in quality, relevant travel information when going to other sites and seeing that all of the reviews were from Mom’s and Business travelers. These are pretty irrelevant to college students.

There are also thousands of unique trip ideas,¬†events, and places to go that are just for college students. These may be huge concerts like Bonnaroo or on campus events like SAE Boxing Tournament at The University of Tennessee. MyCollegeRoadTrip’s mission is the be the central hub for all of this content so that college students can come here to found out the coolest things to do during the best four (or five) years of their life!

If you are interested in learning more about MyCollegeRoadTrip please email me at

- Andrew

Founder & CEO